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Based on a hyaluronic acid gel closely resembling to the body’s own, idune®‘s unique features help to fight against photoageing by improving skin elasticity and hydration, for a beautiful, radiant glow.

A whole range of dosage forms are available for a tailor-made approach, perfectly adapted for treating the face, hands, neck and décolleté.

Before the treatment, skin must be clean and any make-up or cosmetics should be removed, preferably using an astringent or facial cleansing lotion and cold water to ensure that pores are not dilated.

idune® can be injected using various techniques : mesotherapy, crosshatching technique, fan technique, nappage, serial puncture, linear threading…

A natural rejuvenation protocol in 3 steps

  • Injection protocol (5)

  • Various concentration are available in order to better meet the needs of the skin depending on each patient

    • 0,8% 1ml
    • 2,0% 1ml
    • 1,6% 1ml
    • 2,0% 1,5ml
4 needles 27 G½ and 4 needles 30 G½ per box

Improved results
step by step



Various concentrations are available in order to better meet the needs of the skin depending on each patient,

This customized course of treatments in 3 steps has been specifically designed to create, step-by-step, a favourable environment to prevent and slow-down the skin ageing process and to optimize the results over time.

Injected into the skin, the HA molecule of idune® will bind to the connective tissue to replace the natural mesh of the skin.

idune® has a positive effect in fibroblasts’ collagen production (3;4).

With idune® natural rejuvenation programme, patients get a very good tolerance* and natural results (1;5).